Hello and thanks for stopping by!  For the majority of my life, I’ve been creating music that I hope will entertain and inform you, the listener.  In fact,  I compose music from the point of view of the listener.    I simply imagine myself entering a hall where I take a front row seat and I ask myself: “Okay what do I want to hear?”  “Wow me, make me think, make me dance, take me places that I’ve never been before”
So let’s relax and take a journey to the many destinations that define the music of Robert Skiles. 


Robert Skiles is inducted into the Austin Jazz Society's Hall of Fame 2018

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Robert Skiles, Artist

Robert Skiles is a master pianist, composer and band leader living in Austin, Texas.  Robert's work awarded him a special place in Texas history when Texas Monthly Magazine proclaimed him one of Texas' top 100 natural resources.

Regalo Records

Regalo, a gift, is the name of Robert's personal record label.  His music is his gift to himself and you.

Beto and the Fairlanes

Robert's band of 40 years, Beto and the Fairlanes, is known around the world as the International Band of Texas.  They began in the mid 70's along side the birth of the Austin Music scene as we know it today.  They made their mark on the town and the on the hearts of fans that continue to love them.